Mark comes from a long legacy of metal craftsmen.

His own musings started as far back as he can remember, tinkering in his father's metal shop. During and after art school, Mark designed signs for buildings for a living, a season that allowed him to hone both symbolic and engineering instincts that inform his present day work as a sculptor and a climbing wall builder.

Mark's sculptures-though highly abstracted-draw significant inspiration from everyday images-letters, iconic forms and shapes enjambed with an engineering posture that reflects a concern for organic support and balance.   Heavy gauge steel provides a raw unfinished medium that undergirds the “engineered�?appearance.

Counterpoint runs through the body of his work. Although resembling the heavy elements of construction, Mark's sculptures welcomes a sense of play in his choice of imagery and elicits deeply human responses-delight, surprise, hope, joy-in the themes he draws inspiration from-the role of family in our lives and the experience of spirituality.

Alexander Calder's “Stabile�?works have long informed Mark'sApproach, inviting viewers to engage with the structural forms and experience 360 degrees of perspective; the viewer's   mobility increase the impact of the work in the round.